A Drop-Out's Guide to Saving the World – The Isekai'd Drop Out

The Isekai'd Drop Out

A Drop-Out's Guide to saving the world<


By: Anno Un<


In the dimly lit room, Lester Alon, or Lester For Short sat hunched over his computer, the glow of the screen casting shadows across his cluttered space. His room, a chaotic mixture of discarded snack wrappers, tangled cables, and neglected laundry, bore witness to his years of seclusion. The sound of gunfire and digital explosions filled the air as he immersed himself in the virtual world, his only refuge from the monotony of his existence. Lester sighed as he heard his own stomach rumble. He looked outside his window; the shine of the moon entered his room. Lester pushed himself upright and put on his favorite black tracksuit.

Chapter end

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