Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 33

Chapter 33

There were a few distinct groups of hunters that I could make out. 2 were standing nearby and another 2 or 3 were walking over to the crowd in front of the recently collapsed portal.

rThey were all wearing professional gear. Some carried long swords, others had daggers, and a few had massive shields.

rEach group was accompanied by 1 or 2 people in suits. These must be the teams sent out by each of the guilds nearby. It seems like some of them brought representatives as well.

rI looked further ahead. I couldn't help but stare with my mouth wide open.

rThere were fallen buildings and flattened sections of city. It was still a horrible sight to behold.

rI guess there were some monsters that escaped. These guilds were the ones who attempted to stop them. It looks like they contained them in a fairly tight area, but they all disappeared when the dungeon collapsed so I couldn't tell for sure.


Chapter end

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