Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 46

Chapter 46

The morning sun woke me up. I feel great.

rAfter a quick arm and leg stretch I got dressed and readied myself for another eventful day. The slime dungeon stood out to me the most. The old man said they were a relatively low level, and long range magic attacks should be more than enough to handle them. I'm more curious about the abilities he said they had... the boss can steal its opponents MP...

rI made my way downstairs and walked out the door towards the Dungeon Hub. I grabbed a quick bite to eat on the way.

rThe hub was swarming with hunters again this morning. I scanned the area, it'll be good to make a habit of being much more cautious. I'm going in solo from now on. No more teaming, it never seems to go well for me.

rI walk up to the D Class guard and hand him my ID. Moments later I make my way down the large escalator to the platform below. On the list of dungeons it says the slime dungeon is right on the edge of the city. It's a lower grade D Class, as expected

rI waited patiently, then boarded the train heading off in that direction. Around 20 minutes later I arrived and made my way up the escalator to find the floating blue portal.

rI reach into my item storage and pull out my sword while running forward into the dungeon. It's time to kill some slimes.

rThe dungeon is surprisingly bright. I was expecting a dark cave, or some kind of mountain range. That's been the common theme lately.

rI'm standing in a wide open meadow. The grass is short and there are small patches of flowers everywhere. The sky is blue and the there are beautiful white clouds floating by. There's no sun, but it feels like a nice hot summer day.

rI make my way forward into the dungeon with my sword drawn. I can see some weird looking circular objects in the distance.

rAfter a 5 minute walk through the meadow I came across what I spotted earlier. This is... a slime?

rA huge blue glob of gel just stood in front of me, maybe 2m in diameter. It was slowly gliding along the ground towards me.

rI used inspect to check it out.

r[Lv. 99]

rOkay... its a much lower level than me. This shouldn't be much of a problem.

rI ran towards the monster and sliced its body clean in half to see how it would react.

rThe body of gel separated then reattached. It continued its slow glide in my direction.

rRight... the old merchant said long range magic would be best against these slime.

rI'll try out my fire magic, but in a longer range form. I've never really tested it like this before.

rWhile putting my sword into my item storage I stepped back and stood about 10m away from the slime. I concentrated on focusing my fire magic into the space between both my palms. Instead of shaping it into a sword, I'll just keep it as an orb. I took a deep breath and threw the fire orb like a baseball. It wasn't the coolest looking move, but I'm not sure how else to get the orb moving in that direction... I can't control where my fire travels once it leaves my body.


Chapter end

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