Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 49

Chapter 49

The injured flaming Minotaurs came charging at me in a fit of rage. These two aren't the problem though. I can doge their attacks all day and kill them whenever I please. Their leader is the real issue. I haven't gauged its full strength yet, but its definitely higher than mine.

rMy best course of action is to take these two out first. I have a few healing potions, I can handle another hit or two... I'll use the same strategy as before.

rWe all charged in towards each other.

rI blocked the two axe hits with my hardened arm and landed another double strike on the two weaker monsters while absorbing some MP in the process.

rThe leader was close behind and attacked immediately just like before. I braced myself and tried to concentrate even more hardening on my arm to see if I could block the attack if I had full focus.

rThe leaders large axe came down and made contact with my ultra hardened arm.


Chapter end

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