Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Nessa and I continued charging forward with flaming blades straight at the mutant boss. The closer we get the denser the air fills up with magic.

rThe beast is cracking the ground with every step and letting out large amounts of air from its nose while grunting.

rThe speed of the Minotaur is astounding. I've never seen anything move this fast. Even with my stat buff from Hudson, this beast still has me beat on speed. It's clearly much stronger, and from prior experience with its kind I can assume its defense is much better than mine too. That just leaves agility... hopefully I have it beat there.

rWe're less than 50m away now.




rIt's time to fight. Nessa and I nodded at each other and broke off to opposite sides of the monster to launch a dual attack. I ran right, she ran left.

rThe Minotaur reacted instantly by swinging its axe towards Nessa and its massive silver plated arm at me. I attacked it with a blade full of fire. It's giving me a free shot to the arm right above the wrist guards, I might as well take it while I have the chance.

rAs I made contact my eyes went wide and my whole demeanor changed...

rI swung with all my might and used a lot of fire magic, but my attack barely pierced its skin. The Minotaur followed through with its swing and smacked me like an annoying bug at point blank. This sent me flying in the air 15m backwards. I blocked some of the impact with my sword, but I could feel a few bones break from its overwhelming strength.

rOut of the corner of my eye I saw a streak of fire fly off in the other direction. Nessa's attack was futile as well... The boss overpowered both of us like it was swatting flies.

rI used my sword to bring myself back up to my feet. I used regenerate to heal a few broken ribs from the impact and checked my status. It read out 595

/950 HP, and 865

/950 MP. I looked around to get a feel for the entire situation.

rThe team of 3 are still fighting their Minotaur, it seems like they're doing alright. That battle will just take time, I trust them to finish it off. Hudson is about 100m behind us, he's still sending out a stat buff signal. At this rate, we only have 2 minutes left at most...

rI watched Nessa stand to her feet chugging an HP potion while dripping blood. Looks like she's okay, but took a brutal hit from that axe.

rI'm going to have to use my other skills if I want to have any chance fighting this creature. It's the only way... I'll deal with the consequences after I make it out of this alive.

rWe both charged back in at the beast with our swords ablaze. I went in aiming for its weak spots this time. I thought maybe with increased agility I could maneuver under its arms and get a slice in behind the knee.

rI was mistaken. Even with two sword wielding hunters coming at it from both sides the Minotaur managed to time its hits on both of us perfectly. This time I was the one on the side with its axe.

rAs it came down I tried to dodge and maneuver around the blade and run under its body to take advantage of a blind spot. The beast's eyes tracked me with laser focus until I was out of sight, then it relied on instincts alone to cut me down instantly.

rIt turned the axe blade mid swing and landed a hit to my unguarded torso. The moment I registered what was happening I hardened my entire frontside. It lightened the blow, but black crystals shattered everywhere as I was blown backwards sliding across the ground a solid 10m.

rI watched Nessa land a small hit on its arm as she was thrown across the field opposite to me again.

rI stood up spitting out a mouthful of blood. That was a serious hit. I tried to regenerated my torn open chest the best I could and checked my status. It read out 40

/950 HP and 765

/950 MP. I grabbed an HP potion and chugged it as fast as I could. I need a new plan, this mindless charging is not going to work. I rely too much on my physical strength and speed sometimes. I need to use my brain if I want to beat this behemoth.

rI shook my head back and forth for a few seconds trying to think of anything worth trying. Then something really dumb.... or maybe genius came to mind. Either way, it'll look cool.

rIt's all I can think of right now, it's worth a shot.

rI yelled to Nessa.


Chapter end

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