Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 61

Chapter 61

I made it back to the Inn and nodded to the man sitting behind the front desk before riding the elevator up to my room.

rAfter my usual hot shower, I fell into bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about my day.

rMaybe the folks at the Tara Guild are a group of good people after all. I wouldn't mind seeing Nessa and Hudson again. I really enjoyed that boss fight and gained a lot more levels, but I think I'll try to take tomorrow off from fighting. It'd be better to focus on crafting my new sword and take a day to relax.

rThe drinks from earlier allowed my mind to wander aimlessly as I fell into a deep sleep.

rThe next morning my mind and body were rejuvenated entirely as I jumped out of bed.

rAfter taking the elevator down to the lobby I saw the Inn Keeper smile and wave at me as I walked towards the front door.


Chapter end

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