Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I arrived at Alpine Square and walked over to the dungeon entrance. I jumped through without another thought.

rI'm back already. I breathed in through my nose and took in the view of the familiar tall green grass, the bright blue sky, and the occasional tree out on the vast plane. I unsheathed my sword with my right hand and marched forward, it's time to kill some monsters.

rAfter a few minutes of walking I came across my first goblin. It snarled and came running towards me. I gripped my new sword with both hands and raised it above my head. For a moment I locked my eyes on the target, took a deep breath in and out, then swung with all my might.

rIt felt so natural, like I had been training with a sword for years. It was a very heavy sword, close to 10kg if I had to guess but the added strength stat made using it feel as light as my old dagger.

rThe silver blade sliced through the goblin from the top of its head and all the way through its torso like I was slicing warm butter. Goblins are weak compared to my current skill level, but I was astonished at my newfound jump up in sword handling.

rI just stood there and grinned ear to ear admiring my work.

rFor the few hours I made my way through the dungeon getting used to my new sword and swordsmanship skill. With my natural advanced speed and agility plus the swords added strength stat I felt invincible. After hours of skill use and running around the dungeon like a madman swinging my sword, I was getting a bit fatigued.

rI had collected about 20 mana crystals and my pockets were getting full. It was mid afternoon and I was also getting pretty hungry. I walked back the way I'd came to the gate and decided to open my status.

r[Status Open]


rName: Jay Soju

rLevel: 26

rHp: 135


rMp: 45


rStrength: 67 [ 50]

rSpeed: 75

rAgility: 80

rDefense: 62

rMental Strength: 68




rItems Equipped:

rStainless Steel Long Sword [ 50 Strength]



Chapter end

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