Heaven, Earth, Me – Chapter 79. Start of the Tournament!

Chapter 79. Start of the Tournament!

Tatyana disappeared and reappeared beside the sect masters. Today was the first time she would show up in public like this without covering anything or using illusions to confuse people.

rBefore this, she didn't have a reason not to appear, but it was bothersome, so she never did. Moreover, she wanted to avoid every cultivator recognizing her in public and knowing her different identities because of her face.

rHowever, this time, she has come with her little treasure. She had planned to reveal her identity as headmistress here, but those Long and Tang bastards spoiled her. She had a very hard time resisting destroying them and their whole family right there and then. However, every time she does this, she must disappear from her little treasure side for a while.

rTatyana didn't want to be apart from her anymore and lose more of her growing days, so like a good mother, she didn't slaughter them. 'I mean, what would you guys choose? Being beside my little treasure or massacring those brainless people? How about you tell me in your comments~?'

r(Author: I give up, do whatever you want...)

rIn the place Tatyana appeared, there were nearly 30 people beside her. These thirty people and Tatyana walked toward the tall stage in the middle of the plaza. Two handsome men led everyone, and Tatyana approached their side, walking side by side with them; no one objected. These two men seemed to represent two sides.

rOne was in black robes; he radiated demonic charm and had deep purple eyes. He was 195cm tall, and his body was perfectly muscular, with smooth skin. His face had a constant smile that took female and male souls away, and his eyes had their ends slightly raised, adding to his fascinating facial features.

rThe other man had white and gold robes. He was 190cm tall, and his body was also perfectly proportioned. He was also tall and handsome, but he overflowed with a gentle aura that made people lower their guards around him. However, his face was stern, and his facial features seemed carved by a sword, making people respect him.

rThey both had black hair, but their disposition was completely the opposite. They looked at Tatyana with surprised expressions, not knowing that she would participate in the presentation this year. However, they didn't say anything.

rThis woman could be considered the third power of the continent. Even if they were among the strongest on the continent, having this woman as an enemy was not something they wanted.

rNot because of fear, because if she helps one of the two, the balanced situation will break instantly.

rWhen they reached the top of the platform where the oceans of people looked at them, a giant screen appeared in the sky.

rThe leader of the Heavenly Sect spoke; his voice was deep, and his aura was now as steady as a mountain.

Chapter end

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