My new Journey through the realms – Chapter 12 My fear is still death

Chapter 12 My fear is still death

I decided to visit the Lofty Inn first. I knew it was not pretty and would give me a death scare. Seeing how I already said we would not spend good money on inns. I felt the need to complete my first Main Quest.

rMaximum, Demon, and Life giver left with the Oracle and his family. I was glad we walked them out first. If they saw what I was about to do. They would probably beat me over my head.

rWalking to the inn's door, I opened it and saw a yellow striped wooded spider. A male rests on a tree in the Ninth Realm only has babies once. It then relaxes on the top of the tree. The children of the spider always feed him. If the tree becomes full of yellow striped wooded spiders. Then a female will climb the tree. Once at the top, they have a small duel. If the male wins, the female is forced to give birth to children to all the males in the tree. If the female wins, the male becomes food for the female and another batch of yellow striped wooded spiders will overtake the tree.

rFor any spider that lives on the tree, not the father. They are required to eat whatever yellow striped wooded spider comes into their webs. If the father loses, then the current spiders make the webs stronger and allow themselves to be eaten when the newborn spiders enter the web.

rThe problem with them is that their poison can kill a Warlord Mid Ranked Beast. Meaning that a Peak King's Realm cultivator will die if bitten just once. If the poison from them is spit on a cultivator, they will immediately be sentenced to the highest Realm doctor. Most of the time, they will die anyways but if the cultivator knows it is coming and covers themselves with Qi. They can live for a week at max.

rThe problem was now that one is in front of me. My entire body froze up and only noticed the spider hanging from a thread.

rI felt that I was passing out from sheer shock and waking up at the same time. I did not know if it was because of the goddesses blessings. I knew that something was wrong and my body would not move.


Chapter end

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