Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 20: Farewell

Chapter 20: Farewell

Earlier, Feng Yingyue was still hesitant to join the Golden Flowery Fragrance Institute. Of course, she wanted to become an official alchemist and develop her craft. But on the other hand, she did not want to leave her father's shop. In fact there was a deeper reason, she was afraid that she was only considered a genius in this small city.

rShe was afraid that people in the Institute would not even deign looking in her direction. But as she practiced Yi the Earth Intent and as she grew closer and closer to Cao Yun, she got bolder and bolder. She could feel the changes in her as she felt more confident and less shy. These last few days, she was able to express herself with more ease, and not just with City Lord Dun Mofan.

rBut then a new fear took her. Cao Yun would leave this town. She knew that there was something he needed to do, something he was not telling her. She had heard him screaming in the night. Not wanting to spy on him, she did not try to listen to it, but she still overheard things about his family. Thus, she knew that something terrible had happened to him.

rThese nightmares were slowly torturing him. And seeing that they almost vanished completely as he trained the 'Sealing the Seven Demons in the Nine Peaks', she wanted to help him even more. That's why she decided to forge the Frozen Heart Pill. Because she could not bear to see him suffer again every night.

rAnd if he left her, she knew he would climb up the cultivation world. Very soon, she would be behind him. Very soon, he would forget about her. And she would go back to being the shy little girl with no confidence.

rAs she watched him perform the 'Sealing the Seven Demons in the Nine Peaks' by consuming the Frozen Heart Pill, she steeled her resolve. She would go to the Golden Flowery Fragrance Institute. She would become an official alchemist. She would exceed the dreams of her father Feng Ziya. She would stand shoulder to shoulder with Cao Yun. Hell, she would surpass him!

rHe would not protect her, she would protect him.

rBurning with this new resolve, she saw Cao Yun gifting him the Yi character he had drawn himself.

rUnable to restrain herself, she kissed him as a fire was burning deep within her. The fire spread throughout her body and got into Cao Yun. He gave her back her kiss and hugged her with all his passion.

rThey crossed the room still deep in their embrace and fell on the bed.

rAs their bodies intertwined, their Qi began to circulate between them. In their passion, they were involuntarily practicing a dual cultivation. They used their Earth Intent to better feel each other. Gradually, their intents melted into one another. Their very minds were intertwined, more so even than their bodies.

rQi was flowing from Cao Yun to Feng Yingyue and from her to him. Feng Yingyue also felt something cold flowing in her body and mind. The remaining medicinal essence of the Frozen Heart Pill was coursing through her as it was leaving Cao Yun's body.

rThey kept exploring each other for many hours before the exhaustion put them to sleep. They could barely remember the moment they finally fell asleep, but they would forever remember this night.


rIn the morning, they woke up full of vigor. Both their Qi seemed to be even richer than before and their minds clearer. Still in bed, they caressed and kissed each other for a while. None of them had ever experienced such pleasure, and they did not regret it at all.

rIt did not alter their relationship, as they went back to their routine.

rThere was one change however. With her resolve to join the Golden Flowery Fragrance Institute, Feng Yingyue knew she would have to leave this very same day. Indeed, the Institute was all the way to the south of the Hongchen Kingdom. Without a flying sword, she would need a month to get there and she had to find Master Hua, precisely in a month, so she had no choice.


Chapter end

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