Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 21: Ambush

Chapter 21: Ambush

Cao Yun had decided to go to the Wubei Sect on foot. The horse or the carriage that Dun Mofan had proposed were both slower than he was and needed more rest. Moreover, many of the terrains he was going to cross were not practicable for any horse. A demonic beast would have been useful, especially a flying one, but beast tamers were extremely rare and few.

rAnyway, Cao Yun was planning to use this trip to temper himself some more. After his dual cultivation with Feng Yingyue and his True Success in cultivating Yi the Earth Intent, he could feel his Eight Vessels brimming with Qi. He was almost ready to break through to 5th-grade Mortal.

rWith his strong intent, no blockage in his Vessels would be a problem and he could easily move his Qi through them. When finally the Qi would spill out of them, his Qi would begin to fill his Meridians. Then, he could finally advance to 5th-grade Mortal.

rThe Vessels were the large arteries of the body and played a major role in connecting the Three Dantian together. They also controlled the flow of Qi through the other Meridians, similar to small arteries. The Vessels were both controlling the flow of Qi through the Meridians and playing the role of reservoirs for them. The Meridians were linked to the Vessels, to the organs and also to the exterior of the body through 361 vital points. Once the Eight Extraordinary Vessels were full of Qi and devoid of any blockage, the Meridians would begin to fill up with the excess of Qi.

rCao Yun was not in a rush to break through and decided to let the Qi naturally fill up his Vessels. Only when they naturally spilled into the Meridians would he begin to circulate the Qi through them to resolve all the possible blockages.


rIt was the third day of his travel and Cao Yun just reached a small pass between the foot of the mountains and a large river. He had decided to just follow the mountains up to the north. This mountain range was known as the Nine Peaks, because it had nine prominent peaks. It was the same mountain range that he had crossed over from Baziyun City to Yinmen City with Feng Yingyue. To the south, the Nine Peaks gradually died down into a desert and to the north, they split to the east and the west, forming the natural frontier of the Hongchen Kingdom. The Wubei Sect was established upon one of the nine peaks to the north-east, Heidai Peak, the Black Turtle.

rIt was pretty obvious that this pass was dangerous. It could only accommodate three, maybe four men, walking alongside each other. Cao Yun was hesitant to travel through here but trying to get around the river would take way too long.

rHe circulated Yi the Earth Intent and focused all his senses to detect anything that would be abnormal. Either in the mountains, in the river, even on the ground before him. Atop the mountain were some trees which were moving with the wind. He also saw some traces on the ground that someone had tried to hide.

rHe took out his sword 'Star-Devouring Dragon' and walked slowly on the path. He was pretty sure that most brigands would not try to attack someone whose weapons were ready. Usually, they preferred to scare everyone without fighting and take some easy money. And Cao Yun was alone without much on him, a brigand would not risk a fight for a booty he could not see beforehand.

rCao Yun was right to be careful. But he was wrong about brigands. There were people in the trees, five people to be precise. Huang Longwei, Gu Ouyang and three 5th-grade Mortals. They were all waiting for Huang Longwei to give the signal. He was hesitant. Cao Yun had clearly sensed that something was amiss. Their element of surprise was gone. Huang Longwei was watching him draw near the ambush point and he was pondering whether it was worth it or not.

rAt first, he thought that Cao Yun would not be armed, as he wasn't when he came back from the mountains. According to what Master Hua had said, he had a strong cultivation, ready to breakthrough to 5th-grade Mortal. His three friends were probably not his match individually. He also could see from Cao Yun's posture that he really knew how to handle a sword. In the end, they would probably still win thanks to their number, but at what cost was the true question. This attempt on Cao Yun's life was really just to appease his anger and humiliation. Was it really worth it?

rStill hesitant, Huang Longwei stared at Gu Ouyang's severed fingers. He could win and lose an arm, a leg, an eye, or anything. Huang Longwei was not a coward but he would not just risk his life for no benefit at all.

rGu Ouyang saw him very hesitant as Cao Yun was almost on the point of the ambush, the perfect position to attack him from front and back. The young man saw that Huang Longwei was going to fall back. However, he could not accept not to kill this Cao Yun. Before Huang Longwei could make his final decision, Gu Ouyang yelled out the signal!

rThe other three thinking it was Huang Longwei jumped from the tree right behind Cao Yun. And Gu Ouyang followed suit, jumping in front of him. Only one of them stayed in the tree with a bow.

rSeeing this, Huang Longwei got mad. He had no choice now, he could not abandon his friends during the attack. After jumping to the side of Gu Ouyang, he sent him an angry stare and took out his weapon, a saber. The two men behind Cao Yun also took out their weapons. They both had long pikes.

rAn arrow whistled in the air. Cao Yun cut it in half before it could hit him. He did not hesitate at all and ran toward the men in his back. The two men with the long pikes were supposed to force him to confront Huang Longwei and Gu Ouyang who were stronger. But Cao Yun did not want to let them control the flow of the battle.

rIt had been a long time since he had a sword in hands. As the son of the Cao family, he had of course studied all the classical weapons. And the Cao family had a secret martial art invented by his great-grandfather, the patriarch Cao Beiwen. This art, 'Three Storms', was meant to be used with a sword, the weapon that was considered as the most noble by many martial artists.

rAs the name would suggest, 'Three Storms' had three variations. Cao Yun had decided not to use this secret art in public because someone could recognize its origin. But either these five men would die, or he would. Either way, there would be no witness. The secret art was contained within a poem: 'The Wind rises in the East. The Thunder rumbles in the West. The Ice hails in the South. The Three Storms unite in the North. All is gone in the world.'

rSeeing Cao Yun rush toward the back, Gu Ouyang ran after him.

Chapter end

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