Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 75: A visitor to the Devil's Jail

Chapter 75: A visitor to the Devil's Jail

According to what Cao Yun currently knew about array formations, there were at least a hundred locations where they could be positioned. Detecting an array formation was often easier than setting up one. And depending on its level and grade, breaking it could be either fairly simple or impossibly difficult. Right now, Cao Yun had many things to jungle with and it did not give him much time to think.

rIn priority, he had to train his martial arts with 'Azure Dragon's Seven Piercing Stars''s Neck Star. He had to train to erase his presence with 'Locking the Seven' and to move with stealth thanks to 'Stopping the Waves'. He also had to get enough knowledge about array formations to sneak into the Coiling Silk Faction residence without problem. Then, he had to train his mind cultivation with the Po character to enhance everything else and protect himself even better against the Drop of Wrath. Of course, he had to advance his Qi cultivation too, using spirit stones and the Qi Vortex array formation.

rFinally, he needed to train his alchemy to be able to produce a Small Moon Closing pill of good enough quality. It was a 3-star Earth pill whereas he was still working on the Seven Frogs Winter pill as Instructor Meng had asked him.

rThere was a lot of things to consider. But in the end, he realized that all of these could be used to help him get inside the Coiling Silk Faction residence. Once he uncovered the truth, he would decide on his next course of action. And for that, he needed to be strong enough both in his martial arts and in his Qi cultivation.

rFor now, he decided to organize his schedule around this goal. He also remembered his upcoming fight but he wasn't too stressed. He had easily taken care of Luduo Bu once and he was even stronger now. Whereas, Luduo Bu had spent the past few weeks in the Devil's Jail.

rUsing his 'Shen Visualization', Cao Yun worked on the two pills he had to perfect, the Seven Frogs Winter pill and the Small Moon Closing pill. The first one only served to train his craft but it was essential to be able to refine a decent Small Moon Closing pill. There was no new concept to master, he simply had to harmonize his hands with his senses to get the timing right. As the flame and the flow of medicinal essences and toxins were always changing, he could not just mindlessly follow instructions. Every refinement was a new experience, but it fed his 'Shen Visualization'. Little by little, he refined his understanding and polished his deductions.

rEven without spiritual senses, his Shen was powerful enough to allow him to almost see what was going on in the cauldron through his other senses and his intelligence.

rWhen the time he had allocated to his alchemy was over, Cao Yun had made a Seven Frogs Winter pill with 97% medicinal essence and 6% toxins. With only a bit fewer toxins, he would reach what Instructor Meng had asked of him. His best bet was to reduce the amount of medicinal essences as well, by absorbing a bit less of both, he would be able to reach this stage. On the other hand, his Small Closing Moon pill did not exceed 84%. It was a 3-star Earth pill after all. Even though it wasn't particularly hard within its rank, it still was tough to reach a Perfect grade.

rAfter his alchemy training, he went back to the Howling Crane Gorge. With his points he could go there three times during the month. And if he kept on selling his pills, he would even gain a fourth access before the end of the month. Thus, he decided to go there once a week. With its powerful gale, it was the perfect place to train his stances and his movements. Before going inside the formation, he looked it from above.

rThe formation was dug inside the mountain. It looked like a snake strangely coiled on itself. Using what he had learned, he tried to examine the array formation. He did not get a lot, but he tried to see its shape and positioning relative to the mountain and the surroundings. During several minutes, he tried to figure out why it had been made in such a way. This formation was a 3-star Heaven array formation, so he had no way to understand it. Nonetheless, he still got a bit of understanding from studying it. Such an array formation was able to recharge itself with the Qi from nature itself and required little to no maintenance.

rOnce inside the array formation, he quickly went to the third stage. In there, he had to fight just to keep his stance. This perpetual fight to simply stay still was allowing him to understand the concept of 'movement within stillness'. This concept was the core of the Neck Star but also of 'Stopping the Waves'. The concept that was more difficult to grasp was 'stillness within movement'.

rFor the first half of the hour, Cao Yun only focused on keeping his stance. And soon enough he was able to stay perfectly still despite the gale. All his body was moving with the gale itself and for any onlooker he would appear to be immobile even though he was constantly moving. In his sea of consciousness, the Neck Star shone brightly and Cao Yun understood the first move of the second star, 'The Moon Grounds the Sun'. With this deeply rooted stance, he could increase the strength of his strikes twofold at least and move even faster.

rHe also achieved a little bit of success in 'Stopping the Waves', but the main concept to really understand it was 'stillness within movement'.

rDuring the second half of his time, Cao Yu trained his 'Dragon's Twin Horns'. Using it while performing 'The Moon Grounds the Sun' was exceptional. Each of his strike split the gale for several seconds.

rAs his time was soon over, he decided to try and get inside the fourth level. Once again, the gale became twice as violent and powerful. Without his new understanding, he would have been blown away instantly. But with the first move of the Neck Star, he was able to barely stay standing.

rWhen he got back home, he tried to circulate his Qi in his legs by following 'Stopping the Waves'. Focusing all his senses on his steps, he faintly heard that he was making less noise, but the difference was not that impressive. He also used this time to practice 'Locking the Seven'. Circulating his Qi to perform both at the same time was more difficult, but he needed to be able to do so.

rDuring his time walking around, there was nothing else to do. His Qi and mind cultivation required him to be still and perfectly focused on what was happening within his body. On the other hand, this technique was meant to be used on the field. He also focused on the concept of 'stillness within movement' and he was beginning to get some clues about this. Although he was constantly moving, there were always small pauses. It was impossible to go straight and immediately go backwards without stopping first. But even by going straight, there were small pauses in your muscles. Cao Yun felt like the mystery of the technique laid there.

rWhile walking around he also looked for a good place to set up a Qi Vortex array formation. He found one near the boundary between the outer yard and the exterior yard. It was a small basin. Once inside it would be difficult for people to see him from afar. And its shape would strengthen the effect of the array formation even more. He made a mental note about it. Later he would ask Huang Cixi to accompany him there. He really needed someone to stand guard. While in his Qi cultivation, his senses could not perceive the exterior world. Even someone without bad intention could jolt him out of his meditative state and cause trouble for him.

rIf it wasn't within the Wubei Sect, Cao Yun would not even entertain the idea of training in such a place. He had done so when he was in the wild, but it was always dangerous.


rUnder the disciplinary pavilion was the Devil's Jail. It was a relic from at least twenty thousand years ago. The sect had been founded around ten thousand years ago and the current sect leader was its seventh leader. When the sect was founded, many ruins and relics of the time before Emperor Nuwa were found. Most of them were now used by the Wubei Sect.

rEmperor Nuwa was the great savior of mankind. Twenty thousand years ago, demons were ruling the entire Piaolu planet. Humans were nothing more than cattle for them. But then came a woman who stood up against their tyranny. She was the first ever cultivator of the human race since the Legendary Era. With her cultivation, she could turn entire continents upside down, trample on mountains and rip out the sky. A great war was waged against the demons and finally a safe haven was built for humans, the Hongchen Kingdom.

rEveryone in the Hongchen kingdom knew this story. The Devil's Jail was a relic from this distant past. It had been used to imprison powerful demons for a long time. There were nine levels and each one added a layer of suppression. Even a 9th-grade Spirit Warrior was unable to escape the ninth floor. In the first floors however, the restrictions were almost nonexistent. Then, the more you went down, the less Qi you were able to control and move, even inside your own body. Finally, your very mind and soul would be suppressed. Nowadays no one was able to reproduce the array formations that were in the walls of this prison.

rPast emperors had even used this Devil's Jail to imprison powerful cultivators or demons. Right now, the jail was almost empty and only a handful of disciples were sent to its first layer as punishment. It had been decades since a disciple was condemned to go deeper than the second floor.

rIn the first floor, Luduo Bu was within a cell. His sentence was soon over. And earlier in the week, he had received the official challenge from Cao Yun.

rFor now, he was meditating cross-legged. Within his body, he was moving his blood with the help of his Qi. The cultivation he practiced was very strange. Humans tended to focus on cultivating their Qi. But his martial art, 'Bloody Cavalry', put more emphasis on blood. He could even use blood as a weapon and enhance his strength by infusing more of his Qi within his blood. When he became a Mortal Warrior, he could manifest his Qi outside of his body. This way, he would be able to control his blood outside of his body with more precision.

rHis martial art allowed him to have a bit of control, but not that much.

rAs he was cultivating, the man in black and purple appeared right in front of his cell.


Chapter end

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