Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 84: Thousand Snakes Invade the Shell

Chapter 84: Thousand Snakes Invade the Shell

The next few days, Cao Yun kept on training as usual. Now that he could, he using his Seamless Qi Vortex to advance his Qi cultivation. But he was also going in the Howling Crane Gorge to try and consolidate even further his understanding of the Neck Star and of 'Stopping the Waves'. Occasionally, he even went to the martial art pavilion and trained under Chief Elder Baishen.

rRecently, he was a bit more aggressive. Now that he had achieved a 3-star Earth rank in alchemy and a 2-star Earth rank in array formations, he was in no hurry to advance anymore. As long as he was a Mortal, the highest grade he could achieve was the 5-star Earth rank in both occupations. Thus, there was no point in going too fast. He decided to put his efforts into his martial arts, his Qi cultivation and kept on advancing steadily in his mind cultivation.

rEvery day, his Po cultivation was advancing by one repetition. In a month, he should be able to reach True Success and two months later, Perfection. Then he would finally start the last character of the first Layer of 'Sealing the Seven Demons in the Nine Peaks'. He was a bit impatient to know what the second layer would be like. There were four Layers in all and the first one had already brought him many benefits. His mind was similar to an early Spirit Warrior's mind, albeit without any spiritual senses.

rIn his Qi cultivation, the array formations allowed him to go a bit faster but not by much. After all, he was already very fast before. But even gaining one or two days by meridian could allow him to break through weeks earlier. And in the later stages, he could even save months. He was not just thinking of the Mortal realm, his goal was the Spirit Warrior realm. This was the realm of his parents' murderer and most likely of the demonic cultivator operating in the shadows within the Wubei Sect. Reaching such a level took decades and some cultivators never even reached it either because they lacked the talent, the time or the resources. Some were also injured during their cultivation.

rThe 'Universal Law of Immortality' was supposed to allow anyone to reach the highest point of the Spirit Warrior realm. However, not everyone was able to follow it. For some people, it took simply too much time by lack of talent or understanding. Some just lacked resources to speed up the process.

rCao Yun's father had reached the Spirit Warrior realm just prior to his death when he was 45. He had used thirty years of his life to get to this point. Cao Yun hoped he would achieve the same result a bit faster.

rFinally, we had to talk about his martial arts. His spearmanship was becoming better than his swordsmanship. To be honest, he had not seriously trained his sword skills since his arrival in the Wubei Sect. Indeed, the only arts he knew with his sword were from the Cao family, including the 'Three Storms'. Fearing that he could be recognized by these, he was focusing on his 'Azure Dragon's Seven Piercing Stars'. Coincidentally, they both manipulated winds. But the 'Three Storms' could also manipulate thunder, water and ice, all the elements of the storms.

rThe 'Azure Dragon's Seven Piercing Stars' seemed to focus much more heavily on wind. But he only mastered two of the seven stars, the Horn Star and the Neck Star. By watching them frequently, Cao Yun was able to understand more and more about this martial art. Just watching theses stars in his sea of consciousness gave him the impression of admiring a dragon soaring in the sky. However, he could only see a small part of its neck and its head. And, the image was still extremely vague, he was more imagining than observing.

rBy using the star chart within the 'Azure Dragon's Seven Piercing Stars' manual, Cao Yun deduced where the third star should appear. For now, there was nothing much there but a frail white halo. According to what he was reading in the manual, this star should be linked to defense. The first star focused on stabbing with the spear, the second one pertained to the stances and their use to enhance your attacks and your moves. The third one seemed to contain the knowledge of defenses with the spear.

rIn order to train his defense, Cao Yun decided to keep training a bit within the Howling Crane Gorge. But this time, he did not try to fight off the gale with his spear or even move. No, this time, he stood there perfectly still and tried to resist the powerful gale with his own flesh. By using 'Forging the Fort' from 'Dance of Slaughter', his body could be hardened a bit. It wasn't as hard as the scales of a dragon, but the first and second levels of the gorge were no problem.

rHowever, in the third level, the pain became much more intense. He had to simultaneously focus on circulating his Qi in his legs not to be blown away and in his body to strengthen his muscles. Thankfully, the weekly training of Chief Instructor Peng was very useful. The blows from the turtle tail not only tempered the vessels but also the muscles both superficial and profound. And then, the physical exercises gave even more resistance to the body.

rCao Yun also decided to train other parts of his body with the violent winds, exposing both his sides and his back to them.

rThe winds could strengthen and temper one's defense, but they were not perfect. In a fight, you would not be faced with a constant force but with several powerful spikes of force. So Cao Yun decided to go train his defense inside a new array formation in order to understand his third star.

rThe array formation he thought about was the Thousand Snakes Invade the Shell array formation. It was inside a building closer to the inner yard. This array formation's purpose was to send intense waves of pure energy from random directions. This way, martial artists could train their reflexes. But they could also work on dodging, on parrying, on blocking, on deflecting, some even worked on countering. To do so, they tried to match the intensity of the wave to cancel it.

rAnyway, this array formation was less glutton in energy so Cao Yun could have access indefinitely given his number of merit points. Inside the building, there was a dozen of array formations and there were probably even more on the seven floors of the pagoda. Indeed, these array formations were pretty small so many of them could be accommodated inside a small space.

rCao Yun went toward an instructor and asked to use one of the array formations. The other disciples looked at him as he was a great attraction. There were some first-years as well. All were very interested to see what he was going to do inside the Thousand Snakes Invade the Shell array formation.


Chapter end

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