Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 91: Blood drinking runes

Chapter 91: Blood drinking runes

The group of five could not move recklessly since they did not know how many enemies they were facing. They had no idea who or what they were either. Right now, they were focusing on defense and strained their senses to their limit. The first thing to do was to gather as much information as possible to then determine their best course of actions.

rEven though they were all armed, they were figuring out all possible escape routes in their mind. No one tried to collect the head or the body of their friend despite their desire to offer him a proper burial. Sadly, it wasn't rare for vagrant cultivators or even regular cultivators to die without a body. And even when their corpses were intact, it wasn't rare either for them to stay in the wild during very long period of time.

rMost people in the Hongchen Kingdom believed in reincarnation. A part of the soul could leave the body at death and reincarnate in another life form eons later. Some believed that this part of the soul could even transcend the universe and reincarnate in other worlds. In some cases, this part of the soul could also become a ghost. And in a Yin environment such as the Lunar Marsh, this was a very likely possibility. Ghosts were not inherently evil. However, they lacked the intellect of their human life as well as most of their memories. Indeed, if a ghost formed, then death had most likely been violent and this traumatized the soul to the point where it could not exit the body properly at death.

rBeing damaged while leaving the body could create this ghost. Human cultivators were particularly afraid of this as it could destroy their hope for reincarnation. If the ghost was not properly sent through to the reincarnation cycle, it would roam the living world forever. Some legends spoke about ghosts able to cultivate but this was extremely rare.

rLuo Jingren was the only one in the group to have ever seen a ghost in his life. In fact, he had witnessed a Spirit Warrior exorcise such an existence. Seeing his friend slaughtered on the ground, he really wanted to send him to the reincarnation cycle, to be sure to save him from such a fate. However, he was not ready to risk his life without knowing what was going on around him. And the risk of becoming a ghost was pretty low even in the Lunar Marsh. In fact, it became higher with stronger cultivators as their soul was becoming more and more powerful. Even a small part of it could produce a great ghost.

rOn the other hand, they were so powerful that even in death their soul rarely got damaged. So, all things considered, ghosts were extremely rare. However, they terrified many vagrant cultivators who tended to be superstitious.

rFrom the trees, they saw the other guard running toward them. Alone, he knew he was an easy target as he had not even seen a glimpse of the attacker. He was only a 5th-grade Mortal, the very reason why he stayed in the rear and used a bow and arrow. Despite his low cultivation, he had very sharp senses. Yet, he did not see anything, so their attacker was probably way stronger than he was.

rAnd as he was running, a red flash pursued him and his friends got horrified. Two crimson red characters pierced his torso. A huge gush of blood spurted as his body got cut in half. His legs kept running for a few moments and his upper half fell on the ground reddened with his own blood.

rThe two strange characters were spinning in the air around the body. The blood on the ground started to move on its own. The faster the two characters spun, the faster the blood moved. Even the blood inside both halves of the poor guard started to get sucked outside. A big ball of blood got formed, right in the center of the circle formed by the characters' rotation.

rSlowly, the ball of blood levitated. When it got to the level of the characters, it stretched into thin filaments that got absorbed by them.

rThe mercenaries knew exactly what was going on. Such a technique did not belong to a demonic beast. They were facing a demonic cultivator. And apparently, they were gathering blood to enhance their cultivation.

rThe Evil path was full of terrible techniques that could quickly enhance one's strength. But they were immoral and could also destabilize one's mind. Most of the demonic cultivators became insane as they trained. Only a few were able to keep their sanity but they were absolute monsters either way.

rFaced with such an opponent, it was impossible to negotiate because they most likely wanted to drain them of all their blood for some strange cultivation method. Their best option was probably to flee. However, demonic cultivators were stronger than orthodox cultivators of the same level. Even if they were facing only one opponent, none of the vagrant cultivators would be able to flee without someone stalling for time. They all understood this, especially Luo Jingren and Ma Feiran.

rIndeed, Luo Jingren was the only one strong enough to gain them the time they needed. In his mind, he quickly accepted this reality and his likely death. He had fought side by side with his comrades for a decade at least. And he really was ready to die for them. It was the only rational solution. Whether he tried to flee or to fight, he had high risks of dying. But if he stayed behind to fight, he could increase his comrades' survival chances.

rLuo Jingren gripped his saber even firmer and took a big inspiration. Closing his eyes, he accepted his fate. Without turning his head, he spoke to his comrades.


Chapter end

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