Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 95: The Dragon's Chest

Chapter 95: The Dragon's Chest

Seeing Cao Yun in a very bad position, Luduo Bu pressed on with his attacks. He was utterly convinced that his Evil Qi was working perfectly. Technically, it was due to it, but the true culprit of Cao Yun's weakness was the Drop of Wrath.

rWithin his mind and body, he was circulating an increasing part of his mind to fight off its intent. The Drop of Wrath was actively trying to stir the Evil Qi through Cao Yun's bloodstream toward his heart. The most likely reason was to strengthen itself by absorbing it. A possibility emerged in Cao Yun and he wondered whether this Drop of Wrath came from a demonic cultivator. The fact that it was linked to blood was not proof enough, many orthodox martial arts were linked to blood after all. But if it was trying to feed off Evil Qi, maybe it was evil in nature.

rEvil Qi was not just Qi. This was a kind of Qi with extreme Yin properties. And more than that, this was a Qi polluted by resentment. This kind of Qi could appear naturally. For example, after a tragedy some Evil Qi could be formed. This was akin to ghostly energy in a sense. And ghosts were very fond of Evil Qi themselves. Most of the time, Evil Qi was pretty tame as long as there wasn't too much of it. To make it as corrosive as it was now required a great level of resentment.

rLuduo Bu had cultivated this Evil Qi by slaughtering human cultivators and absorbing their blood. The way he killed them was brutal and he extracted a lot of Evil Qi from them. His 'Blood Runes' method was even able to amplify Evil Qi by condensing it. One way to refine this Evil Qi was to use one's own resentment. To do so, the easiest way was to harness the resentment of an inner demon. This was what had allowed Luduo Bu to enhance his strength so fast, but it also became his downfall.

rMoreover, after the inner demon took over and slaughtered Fulao, the Evil Qi around him had increased exponentially. The cultivators and mortals he had tortured to death in this small city were still being used by him in death. This was a part of their resentment that entered Cao Yun.

rIn the real world, Luduo Bu kept attacking both with the blood runes and his 'Bloody Cavalry' expressed through his halberd. Each strike was accompanied by thin layers of blood. Despite not being a Mortal Warrior, he was extremely close to it and he was able to send a small part of Qi through this layer of blood. No strange phenomenon got manifested but it turned each slash into a poisonous attack.

rAbsorbing more Evil Qi would weaken Cao Yun even more. In this case, he would have to focus more of his mind into stopping it and the Drop of Wrath would probably grow even more envious of this energy. As such, an even bigger part of his mind would need to fight it off. In the end, he would have almost no more focus on the actual fight. Thinking about it amidst the fight, the solution finally popped up in Cao Yun's head. The Drop of Wrath was agitated by the Evil Qi in his bloodstream. So if he got rid of it, it would maybe calm down.

rWith this thought in mind, he almost let go of the Drop of Wrath's intent. All the intent he used within his body got focused on the two surges of Evil Qi. As soon as he let go of the Drop of Wrath's intent, the attraction it exerted on those two surges increased dramatically. However, thanks to his Po character, Cao Yun had a better control over his Qi. Pushing it to the limit, he was able to force the Evil Qi out of his bloodstream. Fighting against both the Evil Qi trying to infiltrate his body and the Drop of Wrath trying to attract it deeper in his heart, at last, he had purged the intruders.

rIn the physical fight, Cao Yun was in a tight spot. Using his speed, he could dodge the attacks of both the blood runes and Luduo Bu. However, he could not divert any attention to attacking or he would risk being infected with Evil Qi again. For now, the Drop of Wrath had indeed calmed down, but it could become even more violent if other surges of Evil Qi were to penetrate Cao Yun's defenses. But on the other hand, if he did not attack, he would exhaust his strength way sooner than Luduo Bu, considering his cultivation level.

rHis only hope seemed to be an outside help. The problem was that he had chosen this spot for his Seamless Qi Vortex array formation precisely because no one seemed to pass through here. He had to find a solution himself. Pushing the 'Azure Dragon's Seven Piercing Stars' to its limits, a sudden explosion of white light eclipsed all the stars in his sea of consciousness. The Root Star had reacted. For a while now, Cao Yun had been trying to pierce its secrets and he was ever so close to do so. Immediately, he understood. The principle behind the first move of the Root Star was similar to what he had just done. Using his own Qi to expel a foreign influence could also be used to repel attacks on the outside.

rThis was 'Dragon's Chest'. By focusing the Qi in specific areas and circulating it in a certain way, he could strengthen his body and resist attacks. If Cao Yun had been a Mortal Warrior, scales of a dragon would have even appeared on the spot he was focusing his Qi. Just knowing the technique was not enough, he also had to test it in real life. Unfortunately, he had no right to fail in an actual battle.

rWithout any other choice, Cao Yun tried to meditate on this technique while dodging. But Luduo Bu became more and more violent with his attacks, if that was even possible. Finally, Cao Yun who was getting tired got hit by a blood rune in the back. As soon as he understood that he could not dodge this one, he tried out 'Dragon's Chest'.

rContrary to its name, it could be used anywhere on the body. When the blood rune collided with his defense, it got repelled and Cao Yun was not cut. However, he was sent forward by the impact. Thankfully, it wasn't so bad because the blood runes were not too fast yet. Their impact was comparable to what he had suffered during his training in the Thousand Snakes Invade the Shell array formation.

rSeeing this, Luduo Bu became enraged and started screaming to death. His best technique had failed to cut Cao Yun. This boy was a nightmare for him. No matter what he did, he always failed faced to this insignificant brat. An inner demon was of course way more vulnerable to mood swings. Luduo Bu changed all his strategy and rushed toward Cao Yun to beat him up in a more personal manner.

rNow that the Evil Qi had been purged, Cao Yun diverted all his focus on the fight. Luckily he had been right and the Drop of Wrath was calm for now. However, Cao Yun was terrified by the idea of being overtaken by it again. He really had to end this fight as fast as possible. Up close with Luduo Bu, even with his new understanding of 'Dragon's Chest', the fight was tough. Thanks to both his Po character and his collateral meridians being wider than the norm, he could easily send Qi wherever he needed even faster than his opponent.

rHowever Luduo Bu had the physical strength of a 1st-grade Mortal Warrior. Even without the ability to manifest Qi, this was a tremendous strength. No matter how much Qi Cao Yun used, he was pushed back with every strike blocked. Cao Yun even used all the techniques of 'Dance of Slaughter'. In fact, he got forced to integrate the concept of vibration from 'Slaughtering the Enemy' to the 'Dragon's Chest. This technique even served to strengthen his grip of his spear. Otherwise, his hands would have been destroyed by the impact the first time he had dodged Luduo Bu's physical halberd.

rFinally, Cao Yun was sent flying by a powerful strike to his lower abdomen. He fell into the basin, right before Huang Cixi's eyes. Still lying down, he saw the girl's shocked face.


Chapter end

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