Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava Grey, Pack Defect

Ava Grey, Pack Defect

Author Note:<

/strong> The first two chapters have had a complete overhaul, for a better reading experience. Please enjoy. [May 28, 2024]


What are you supposed to do when your pack—your family<

/em>—has decided you're worthless?

Get a job.

Save money.

Dream of getting the hell out of there.

It's a futile thing to hope for, but it's the only thing I have that keeps me going.

Until then? I'm just me. Ava Grey. Wolfless. Weak. The shame of the Grey family.

Which is why I'm spending another Friday night working at Beaniverse, a popular coffeeshop in the middle of White Peak, a solid hour's drive away from pack land. No shifters, no drama, no bullying; the only people I run into all day are humans with a caffeine addiction. Or social media addictions. People love to use our lobby as a backdrop for their latest reel.

Chapter end

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