Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava: Selene's Return

Ava: Selene's Return

Panic seizes me as I pat frantically at my neck, searching for the familiar weight of my necklace and finding only smooth skin.

Where is it? How could I have lost it?

Hurriedly, I retrace my steps, dripping water across the tile as I scour the bathroom. I get down on my hands and knees, peering under the sink and toilet, my heart pounding with rising dread. Nothing. It's not here.

Wrapping myself in a towel, I venture back into the main room, my gaze darting frantically about as I search for any sign of the missing crystal. I rifle through the sheets on the bed, tossing pillows aside as my desperation grows.

Not there.

I get the bright idea to check my pockets, but it isn't there either.



I have no idea how big of a problem this is, but Selene had made it seem very<

/em> important that it stay on me at all times.

I look out the window, wondering if I can convince someone to take me back to the scene of the accident to search for my necklace. Alpha Clayton seems nice, so maybe?

Selene must have had a good reason for insisting I keep the crystal on me. Both<

/em> crystals. Now that I've lost one, what does it mean? Was it a protective charm? Am I no longer protected?

My steps falter as a new thread of panic works its way through me. If the necklace is that significant, does it mean I'm in danger now that I've lost it?

Selene will have answers when I find her again. She always does, cryptic as they might be. But right now, I'm panicking.

A soft rap at the door makes me jump, startled by the unexpected sound. I freeze mid-step, my heart rabbiting as the knob turns and the door eases open.

Chapter end

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