Woman with the tiger eyes in the Beast warrior's World – Dance of the spider

Dance of the spider

Sienna had to stay in the unguarded room and she was terrified. She figured out the safest place is close to the king's quarters, so she covered her head in the colourful veil and followed behind the concubines who went dancing for the king. She was curious to watch the dance the concubines were preparing so eagerly. She hid in the corner of the room they entered, behind a huge pam tree in a pot. She watched them as the music started. The concubines danced in front of the king covered in the light veils when he suddenly changed into a massive spider and took one of them with his long hairy legs. He covered her in his spiderwebs leaving only her face out and then he sank his fangs to her stomach. The other concubines kneeled in front of him, moving in the swaying motion, offering themself with soft movement of their arms luring him in. Sienna stood in the corner and watched in horror with her hand over her mouth. He slowly took all of them and they all lay motionless on the floor in the long line . The purple stains shone brightly on their spiderwebs-covered bodies. Only their faces stuck out with a weird expression of happiness on them.

rThurssa suddenly noticed Sienna was watching him and he moved toward her. She slipped out of the door and ran like crazy from the huge spider. She pushed anyone in her way so strongly, that even some guards fell in surprise. Sienna ran to the gardens and was about to climb down the castle walls, when Thurssa remembered she is probably scared of his spider look and changed to his human form. He started to climb after her. Even in his human form, he was so much faster than Sienna. He caught up with her in a few seconds. Sienna saw he is getting her, so she let go of the stones and slide down the sharp rock. Thurssa leapt and caught her in the air. Sienna felt his iron-like embrace and tears come to her eyes. He is going to kill her now. Thurssa looked at the terrified golden female in his hands. He could kill her with one flick. But there was no other like her and he had to have her. He climbed back into the gardens, holding her shaking body tightly. He dropped her on the soft cushions in one of his gazebos. Sienna curled up and hid behind the cushions. He reached his hand for her face. She shut her eyes tight and tears were flowing down her cheeks. She was trapped.

Chapter end

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