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Rhincodon Typus

That's just another fancy scientific name for the whale shark. It is the largest known extant (not extinct) fish. The largest whale shark ever recorded was 18.8 m long, however they have a maximum length of 12.65 m [this confused me quite a bit, it might have been a mutant]. The only fish that can come close to the whale shark's size is the Cetorhinus maximus, basking shark.

rBased on research, they should have an estimated lifespan of 70 years, however field data suggests that they can live up to 130 years.

rOnce upon a time, a pregnant female whale shark with over 300 pups was captured indicating astounding results. Female whale sharks can retain sperm from one mating session and produces a steady stream of pups over a long period of time.

rAlthough they are carnivorous, they only eat very small animals and plankton.

rYounger whale sharks are gentle and will sometimes play with divers. Sometimes it's even possible to catch a ride on a whale shark, however this discouraged as it would disturb the sharks.


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