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Dementia is the term used to describe symptoms of memory loss and weakened mental capabilities. The Alzheimer's disease accounts for almost 80% of all dementia cases.

rDementia is the 5th likeliest cause of death. almost 1 in 20 deaths is caused by dementia.

rThis is due the fact that dementia isn't just restricted to memory loss. It is commonly defined as fatal brain failure by experts. Just like any terminal disease, for example cancer, that physically kills patients. This is due to the fact that dementia is a collection of many brain related diseases. Once the brain has been sufficiently damaged, all other parts of the body will suffer.

rDementia patients can suffer from additional symptoms such as:

r86% eating problems

r41% pneumonia

r46% difficulty breathing

r39% suffer from pain

r53% chance of fever caused by brain failure

rIf you know someone who suffers from dementia, try to take some time out of your day to support them. They'll need all the support that they can get. Don't wait too long or you might end up regretting it for the rest of your life.


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