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Automated Restaurants

The more technology progresses, the less humans will actually have to do meaningless tasks. Robots just need fuel and maintenance whilst humans are paid a salary. Although robots cost more, in the long run they are definitely worth it as long as you have a steady supply and demand chain.

rIn recent years, quite a few semi-automated restaurants have appeared.

rSome semi-automated restaurants still have cooks in the back who need to prepare the food. By enabling the staff to avoid the customers, they can focus on their tasks and produce at a steady rate. But there are also some that are automated in the sense that the food is brought to the table by a robot. In some cases this is more of a quirky feature that is meant to attract customers like in the case of Dalu Robot Restaurant. There the robots run on a track and bring the food. There still needs to be staff for everything else.

rThen there's the other type of semi-automated restaurants like Spyce. These restaurants have replaced the need for cooks in a restaurant. Robotics was used to automate the cooking process and the dishes served are all quite complex.

rWe still don't have any truly automated restaurants as robots need maintenance and supervision. Up till now at least one half of the process is done via humans (cooking



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