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Your fingernails grow almost 4x faster than than your toenails. Male nails also grow faster than female nails and nails grow faster during the summer. They grow approximately an inch every year. They are also only half as thick as your toenails.

rFingernails are super useful. Not only do they serve the purpose of protecting our fingertips, but they can be used to diagnose alot of health problems.

r(Those white spots that might appear from time to time don't really mean anything other than that you minorly injured your nails)

rOur fingernails are made up of multiple layers. The inner living part of the nail is known as the matrix. The matrix is the whitish part of your fingernail. This is the part that produces new nail cells that then go on to form the nail plate that covers everything. As new nail cells are produced, the old ones get pushed towards the tip of your fingers, where they will inevitably get clipped.

rIf the blood flow to your fingernails is stopped for an excessive amount of time, your fingernails will turn blue and fall off.

rBiting your nails isn't harmful but it will reduce your nail length over time. This habit also has a medical name: onychophagia. As a consequence of reduced nail length, your origami skills will suffer.


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