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Why Chinese people hate Japanese people

I have come to the realization that a majority of people don't realise that the Chinese actually really, really, and I mean really hate Japanese people.

rWhat the Japanese did is unforgivable. They invaded China and showed acts of extreme brutality. Just in the city of Nanjing alone, they killed hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians. They raped at least 20,000 woman and some sources even claim over 80,000. This number also includes infants and elderly. Those raped were often mutilated and left to die. They held killing contests and pillaged whatever they could find. The Nanjing Massacre is also known as The Rape of Nanjing. I don't even know how I should describe such atrocious behavior. Keep in mind that at the time, Nanjing was the capital city of China.

rThe Japanese Invasion was also the reason that China agreed to an alliance with the Communists. They had no other choice at the time as the Japanese army was relentless. They invaded based on false accusations and continued even after they were proven unjustified.

r3 to 10 Million Chinese civilians were killed. Although this is a bad comparison, 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust but we never really hear about how the Chinese suffered. These events took place only a few years apart.

rAnd what's really messed up is how the Japanese try to downplay the facts and just tried to remove the events from their history education. An example would be how teachers (in Japan) are told how the events are important and should rush towards them. Contrary to this, they aren't allowed to skip to the point and directly teach it. The content is at the very end and most of the time even gets left out as there isn't enough time. Additionally, only 19 of the book's 357 pages dealt with events between 1931 and 1945. The Massacre of Nanjing is only mentioned in one line of a footnote. In comparison, every single German knows pretty much exactly how the events of the holocaust came to be and exactly what happened. They know how the captives were treated, tortured, etc.


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